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Pick Up Our #1 Best Selling 3/4 Pound Brick of Super Hotsauce All Temperature Ski Wax for only $25.00!

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Hertel® Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax

Hertel ski wax and snowboard wax is the best ALL TEMPERATURE™ wax on the market today. Herte®l waxes can be used by skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels and they are designed to work in ALL TEMPERATURES™ and mountain conditions. Hertel Super Hot Sauce® ski and snowboard wax is our most popular formula and is designed to be used by everyone.

Ladies, Super HotSauce® offers enhanced control and Accident Avoidance Technology™. You want to go slow and have more fun and control? Super HotSauce® is for you.

If you run out of time, remember to carry a bar in your pocket of rubbing on the application. Our SpringSolution™ ski wax is great for spring time skiing or boarding when the snow gets covered by small pollen particles. Our Hertel Racing FC 739™ ski wax is designed for skiers that need a wax to give them that extra competitive boost. Lastly, our Hertel White Gold® ski wax is specially engineered for those skiers and snowboarders looking to break world records!

Our amazing wax is all condition - all mountain - ALL TEMPERATURE™ - Universal. Apply hot or cold. Use a Waxing Iron or HotWaxe®r or crayon it on, right on the mountain.

Customer Testimonial:

"The wax worked great after buffing like you suggested. I could really tell the before and after difference. My daughter came in 2nd and 4th and I could tell that here skis were fast in the flats. If she weighed more she would have gotten a 1st instead of 2nd. My daughter weighs 78 pounds and the girl that won weighs 91 and she only beat her by 0.70 total times out of the two runs.

Thanks so much for your help. I will continue to spread the word and help sell your wax. I have had several buddies on the 739 for free skiing for several years now."


All Temperature, All Mountain
Apply Hot or Cold ! all temperature, all mountain = totally universal ski wax
all temperature, all mountain = totally universal ski wax Iron On or Rub On Ski Wax. Super HotSauce Skiing Wax
Hertel 'Super HotSauce' Ski and Snowboard Wax (25 oz) 708.75 grams
Our Price: $47.00
Sale Price: $39.95
You save $7.05!
Fluorinated, Spring Ski Wax With PPG Base Cleaner / Wax Remover, WIPES (6 pack)
Hertel Spring Solution Ski Wax Base Cleaner / Wax Remover, 10 ounces

Accident Avoidance Technology

Did you know that trying to ski or snowboard without any wax is extremely risky? Our high tech testing has proven that a lack of wax on your skis or board reduces control by more than 50 percent. That makes you a danger and liability not only to yourself, but to others on the mountain, too. Choosing the RIGHT wax makes a big difference. Learn more about the Accident Avoidance Technology (ATT) built into our waxes.

Hertel News

Do you know anyone using colored Waxes? If So, Please direct them to this web site. There is no reason for a consumer or race team to use colored wax!

We at Hertel are always striving to innovate and come up with new exciting products. Currently we are working on THREE new kinds of the Olympic and World Cup winning White Gold wax, working on new ads for the coming season, and we are taking steps to re-produce the HOTWAXER. We are very excited at our new prospects and products we are working on for the next ski and snowboard season.

Customer Testimonial:

"Wanted to report this to you. Feel free to post or forward if you like. My son's a Nastar National Finalist and has been racing in the low 30's all year (31 to 32 usually).

I ironed on Racing and crayoned on some White Gold before his run as you suggested. No other changes were made. He ran 28's all day Sunday and one 26.=20

I'm a believer! This stuff is unlike anything else out there. If it can take 3 or 4 seconds off his best time, it's worth every penny. I'm buying more for next season, and I want to get your waxing gadget too.

Thanks for such a great product!"

Jonathan L. Husni, MBA

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