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Whit Golde2

White Gold won the Olympics for the USA. Then it won World Cup and many other races. It is a 4-second win. White Gold has always been All Temperature®. White Gold is the only wax that works with the elements. (Cold and warm air, Water and Pollens).

Our Price: $110.00
White Gold Bar

White Gold has been or premier performance product that wins races by up to four full seconds. this is the wax that was summond by the US womesn coach for the 94 Olympics. Then it went on to win the world cup.
Today, nothing has come close to the outstanding control and peformance.

Our Price: $110.00
Fluorofactant 1 ml Vial Fluorofactant 1 ml Vial

1 ml

Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Our Price: $100,000.00
Super Hot SauceTM our first ski wax invention applies to all general skiing. Apply this ski wax hot or cold.
Racing FC 739TM is a high performance ski wax that lasts up to seven days. It bonds to the base and is bullet fast.
Spring SolutionTM is for the spring season. When nature blows the sticky pollens onto the snow, Spring solution makes them slick. Spring Solution can be used in all seasons.
White GoldTM is the world cup and olympic winning premium wax. Get some today and smoke the competition.