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Our famous Hertel Base Cleaner is NOW BACK IN STOCK at an awesome price!

We advise that you first scrape off as much of your old wax as possible with a plastic scraper (the same type you use to scrape off excess wax when applying it) and then with a rag, rub on a small amount of our Base Cleaner to remove the left over wax and dirt. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area with gloves and it is a good idea to wear a white respirator mask. Once your base is clean, let your skis or snowboard sit for a few minutes to let any of the left over Base Cleaner residue dry and evaporate off your base before applying your new wax.

If you are having to scrape off a ton of old wax off of your base and are using a ton of base cleaner to get your base clean, you are most likely either applying and leaving too thick a layer of wax on your skis or snowboard when waxing, or you have not been cleaning your base between wax jobs causing wax layers to build up. For maximum performance, it is recommended that you apply our wax to a clean base every time you wax your skis or snowboard.

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Base Cleaner / Wax Remover, WIPES (6 pack) Base Cleaner / Wax Remover, WIPES (6 pack)

Base Cleaner soaked disposable wet-wipes, for an easy no-mess application.

Our Price: $7.00