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"Wanted to report this to you. Feel free to post or forward if you like. My son's a Nastar National Finalist and has been racing in the low 30's all year (31 to 32 usually).

I ironed on Racing and crayoned on some White Gold before his run as you suggested. No other changes were made. He ran 28's all day Sunday and one 26.=20

I'm a believer! This stuff is unlike anything else out there. If it can take 3 or 4 seconds off his best time, it's worth every penny. I'm buying more for next season, and I want to get your waxing gadget too.

Thanks for such a great product!"

Jonathan L. Husni, MBA

"The wax worked great after buffing like you suggested. I could really tell the before and after difference. My daughter came in 2nd and 4th and I could tell that here skis were fast in the flats. If she weighed more she would have gotten a 1st instead of 2nd. My daughter weighs 78 pounds and the girl that won weighs 91 and she only beat her by 0.70 total times out of the two runs.

Thanks so much for your help. I will continue to spread the word and help sell your wax. I have had several buddies on the 739 for free skiing for several years now."