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Hertel 'Racing 739' Ski and Snowboard (3/4 lbs) 340.2 grams This is all you need.

High Performance, Long Lasting and Fast!

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Hertel Racing Ski and Snowboard Wax- 739: This package contains one, 3/4 lb "St. Luis Brick" of 739 Racing all temperature® ski and snowboard wax. Apply hot or cold.

Nothing comes close to our Racing 739 Skiing & Snowboard Wax ( 739). IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY IN ALL SNOW TEMPERATURES AND CONDITIONS. Racing 739 is the first race wax ever developed in 1986. This All Condition / All Temperature snowboarding wax outperforms ski and snowboard wax with colors -- GUARANTEED! Other skiing waxes simply try to match paraffin hardness to temperature and add color for identification. Racing 739 skiing wax uses a double micro-encapsulation process of a unique surfactant formulated to reduce surface tension on your ski base. This wax repels snow, water and minimizes friction, which in turn creates the ultimate control.

Racing 739 has been used by the United States Ski Team, the United States Freestyle Ski Team and the Canadian Skiing Teams. It has helped our racing customers of all ski and snowboard skill levels improve their times significantly. Hertel Skiing Wax is the only ski and snowboard wax company using the unique surfactants -- a combination of amazing ingredients that simply win races, put happy smiles on faces, and keep safety at the front. Remember it is an All Temperature ski wax so you won't need to worry about having to match colored waxes to the constantly changing conditions on race day! Buy our Racing 739 today -- you will be Glad!
Leave your competitors at the top of the mountain!
  • Approximately weighs 3/4 lbs (340 grams)