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Hertel 'Racing 739' Ski and Snowboard Wax (5 oz) 141.75 grams, ea. bar is 28.35 g NON-PTFE

Fluorcarbon At It's Best

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Hertel Racing Wax- 739: This package contains five, 1 oz bars of 739 Racing all temperature® snowboard wax. Apply hot or cold. (140 PLUS GRAMS)

Nothing comes close to our Racing 739 Skiing & Snowboard Wax ( 739). IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY IN ALL SNOW TEMPERATURES AND CONDITIONS. This wax simply WINS EVERYTHING!
Fast Racing Wax - 739 - was the first high-performance wax ever developed in 1986. This All Condition / All Temperature® snowboarding wax outperforms ski and snowboard wax with colors -- GUARANTEED! Other skiing waxes simply try to match paraffin hardness to temperature and add color for identification. Racing 739™ skiing wax uses a double micro-encapsulation process of a unique performance surfactant formulated to reduce surface tension on your SKI/Snowboard base. This wax repels snow, water and minimizes friction, which in turn creates the ultimate control. WHEN APPLYING DO NOT OVERHEAT WITH IRONS WITHOUT THERMOSTATS.

Racing 739 has been used by the United States Ski Team, the United States Freestyle Ski Team and the Canadian Skiing Teams. It has helped our racing customers of all ski and snowboard skill levels improve their times significantly. Hertel Skiing Wax is the only ski and snowboard wax company using the unique surfactants -- a combination of amazing ingredients that simply win races, put happy smiles on faces, and keep safety at the front. Remember it is an All Temperature® wax so you won't need to worry about having to match colored waxes to the constantly changing conditions on race day! Buy our Racing 739 ™today -- you will be excited the first time you cruise down the mountain.

WAXFAX: Hertel ski wax® Racing 739™ All temperature® ski and snowboard wax® (SDS liquid) formula microencapsulated into a solid until applied: Apply Racing 739™ hot or cold. Hertel™ Racing 739™ formula, uses a double microencapsulation process, that reduces surface tension on the base of your ski or snowboard down to 9 pounds of energy needed to turn compared to 25 pounds with no wax. At very cold temperatures, the ski becomes hygroscopic repelling frozen water/snow, the element we are addressing. Racing 739™ minimizes friction, creating the ultimate control of the downward and lateral force like no other ski or snowboard wax. In warmer weather Racing 739™ becomes hydrophobic changing the structure of the element (water) under the ski or snowboard. Racing 739™ collapses the bead of water under the base, from a sharp round bead to a flat disbursed layer of water allowing for high performance like no other wax has been able to provide. Racing 739™ is also an excellent base coat prior to applying Hertel™ famous All temperature ski/snowboard wax®. Racing 739™ is long lasting and can stay on the ski or snowboard up to seven days without the need to re-apply. Hertel ™ Racing 739™ uses a new formula 158 FLEX™. This gives Racing 739™ the flexibility to match any ski or snowboard flex throughout any terrain. Racing 739™ is all white and will not stain your ski's or clothing. Racing 739™, single-handed, brought more alpine freestyle and snowboarders to the podium than any wax offer in the world. Due to Hertel’s™ unique understanding of the elements in the snow like no other wax company, has allowed Hertel™ to advance beyond anyone's imagination. Simply put it buy the ski techs. "we use it because it is the only thing that works." I will say this. We have so much more than they do. !. They have a lot of BS. We don't. Now figure out the rest. Thanks for reading.

Leave the competition still strapping in at the top of the mountain!
  • Approximately weighs 5 oz (141 grams)