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A number of wax manufacturers are starting to make a "Wax Overlay" which is a separate wax product that you apply at the ski slopes when the wax on your skis is not working with the current mountain conditions. We have had some customers asking if we make "Wax Overlays" and our simple answer is, "No, because our ski wax is an all temperature, all mountain condition wax that does not ever need an overlay."

With Hertel ski waxes you do not need to worry about applying an "Overlay" over our waxes because they are specifically designed to function in an all temperature, all mountain condition environment. "Wax Overlays" are a new marketing gimmick to try and get skiers and snowboarders to buy an unnecessary additional product. The best thing you can do is to properly wax your skis or snowboards with one of our Hertel all temperature ski wax formulas.

Say NO to "Wax Overlays" and make sure to inform your buddies.

See you on the slopes!