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Thanks for shopping at Hertelskiwax.com. We know you have many choices in purchasing wax. We at Hertel pride ourselves in the invention and production of the only true All Temperature™ Ski/Snowboard Wax in the world. Contact Information:


Orders are shipped by United Parcel (UPS or Federal Express, USPS). If an item does not have the free shipping promotion then ALL CHARGES ARE FOB San Carlos, CALIFORNIA 94070. This means the buyer pays all shipping charges even if UPS is unable to deliver or the package gets refused. If we agree to take it back you still are responsible for shipping charges. To protect you and your investment. UPS and Federal Express and USPS have shipping times in transit and terms that we suggest you go to their site and understanding.

FREE SHIPPING: On items with the free shipping advertisement we ship the order ground within the lower 48 states. If you fail to enter/key the proper billing address of your credit card, this will cause a miss match on the verification of your credit card. If we get a miss match, it will hold your order up in our credit department. Incorrect shipping addresses will result in additional charges after the final billing as we do not know about the incorrect shipping address until receiving our carrier billing. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS We do accept overseas orders. Our shipping calculation system is not set up to calculate shipping costs to these destinations. If you do place an order for products the shipping will show a $0 dollar cost at check out. This is not your actual cost! We will have to then come back later when your order is shipped to add actual cost of shipping. If you have any questions call at 408.744.1666. FedEx gives us 30 to 40 percent off on shipping because we are a member of SIA. We pass this on to you.

DELAYS IN ORDER PROCESSING: What causes them? 1. Incorrect credit card information. 2. Incorrect address negative verified by AVS System. 3. Manufactures internal processing. 4. Demand now shipments. 5. Improper grammar, miss spellings, lack of information. 6. Please allow three days processing of your order. Once you place your order several agencies must approve it. We do our best to walk every order through. If the AVS does not match or we know the order has been placed by other than an adult, we are forced to do the additional verification. This is for both of our benefits. Thanks for shopping at Hertelskiwax.com, We know you have many choices. We are trying to make this choice a good one. Have a wonderful time in the snow. Credit Card (MASTER CARD, VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS), or money order Your signature by THE CARD HOLDER At your address will be the signature used for your receipt. Your parcel will be sent via UPS ground unless otherwise stated or requested. UPS ground shipments take 2-7 business days in the continental United States. Delivery time will vary depending on location. Weekends and holidays do not count when calculating shipping time. We will attempt to supply a UPS tracking number that will enable you to track your package to your location.

YOUR PACKAGE IS INSURED FOR Its FULL VALUE. Terms of all sales are as follows: All sales are final. An exchange is possible for comparable items, to be approved by management. No exchange on any item after 15 days. No exchange or credit on used items. An exchange will be honored by-product of comparable value. No exchange will be considered without your detailed receipt, a copy of the credit card receipt, with proper ID. All mail orders, phone orders are subject to the handling fees for both directions. Deposits are non-refundable. Please print your receipt Now for your records. You must e-mail to waxman@pacbell.net your request for exchange. Skiing, Snowboarding, are considered to be dangerous sports. It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions and wear any and all protective equipment. Proper ID and address verification is mandatory for all credit card and check transactions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HOW WE PROCESS YOUR ORDER: Step 1.Click the products you want, Click the order button. Step 2.Click checkout. Key (type) your billing and shipping information that matches your card. (must match) Please notice you have the option to have separate shipping and billing addresses. Step 3.Click your shipping method. UPS Step 4. Key (type) your credit card information Step 5. Click submit the order Step 5. We confirm your order to you by e-mail Step 6. We ship the goods to you out of our inventory to you, or on that same day, order your products to be here within three business working days. Your insured package issues a UPS tracking number. We forward this to you and attempt to keep you informed as to the progress. If you would like to order over the telephone call 408.499.0584 or e-mail us waxman@pacbell.net and we will call you.