Super HotSauce Bulk Snowboard Wax - (160 oz) 10 pound box, 4.99 k

Iron on or rub on, hotsauce snowboard wax

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Hertel Super Hot Sauce Snowboard Wax Bulk: This package contains roughly 160 one oz bars of wax sold with Hertel Hot Sauce bags for individual sale (The picture shows 5, one oz bars of wax and the two configurations offered.
The bulk snowboard wax package is great for snowboarders who wax their boards on a regular basis and want to save a ton of money in the long run. Approximately 160 oz of wax for only $220.00!
WAXFAX™Super Hot Sauce™, originally formulated in conjunction by Terry Hertel and Tim Donnelly, PhD., is made like no other ski wax available today. From day one, we took on the competition. Our research department studied other waxes, broke them down and discovered something very interesting. They were all pretty much the same. This is still true today. So, we set out to make Super HotSauce™ in a totally new and unique way. A better way with a formula never before used in ski wax. A formula that would stand up in all temperatures™, all snow conditions, and deliver unmatched ski ability. The result is a process called microencapsulation. It's unique to Super HotSauce™. No other wax system has it and nothing else works like it. WAXFAX: Hertel ski wax® Super HotSauce formula, microencapsulated into a solid until applied: A hot or cold.(Rub on) Super HotSauce™ formula, uses a process, that reduces surface tension on the base of your ski or snowboard down to 9 pounds of energy needed to turn compared to 25 pounds with no wax. At very cold temperatures, the ski becomes hygroscopic repelling frozen water/snow, the element we are addressing. Super HotSauce™ minimizes friction, creating the ultimate control of the downward and lateral force like no other ski or snowboard wax. In warmer weather Super HotSauce™ becomes hydrophobic changing the structure of the element (water) under the ski or snowboard. Super HotSauce™ collapses the bead of water under the base, from a sharp round bead to a flat disbursed layer of water allowing for high performance like no other wax has been able to provide. Super hotSauce™ is all white and will not stain your ski's or clothing. Super HotSauce™ single handed brought more alpine freestyle and snowboarders to the podium than any wax offer in the world. Due to Hertel’s™ unique understanding of the elements in the snow, like no other wax company has allowed Hertel™ to advance beyond anyone's imagination.
Have fun snowboarding and see you on the slopes!