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Ski Waxing Kit, great deal!!!

Our Price: $16.00

Product Code: WAXKIT-SKI


Hertel Ski Waxing Kit:  Includes Five, 1 ounce bars of Hertel Super HotSauce snowboard wax (underneath the packages in the picture), 1 Base Cleaner packet, 1 Top Sauce packet, 1 plastic wax scraper, 1 Scotch Brite buffer pad and one updated version of our Wax Fax e-booklet.

Pick up everything you need to perform ski waxing at home or on the mountain. The snowboard wax included is Hertel Super HotSauce which is the original All Temperature wax.  You do not have to worry about the snow temperature or the outside temperature because Hertel Super HotSauce wax covers ALL CONDITIONS. The base cleaner packet contains a wipe soaked in Hertel Brand Base Cleaner to be used to clean up and remove old wax.  The Top Sauce packet is used to wipe and coat the top of your skis to make for a slightly smoother ride in powder. The plastic wax scraper is used to scrape off any extra wax and the buffer pad smoothes out the wax surface on your skis.

Pick up this ski waxing kit and start waxing your skis today!