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Hertel 'SpringSolution™' Ski and Snowboard Wax (3/4 lb/12 oz) 340 grams

Hertel Spring Solution Ski Wax

Our Price: $55.00


Hertel Spring Solution Ski and Snowboard Wax (5 oz.): This package contains3/4 OR 12 OUNCES OR 340 GRAMS, of springtime ALL TEMPERATURE™ski and snowboard wax as shown in the picture. Apply hot or cold.

Spring skiing is great with Hertel SpringSolution™ ski/snowboard wax! Apply SpringSolution™ hot or cold and go have fun! It is an ALL TEMPERATURE™ ski wax that works in all of the highly variable springtime conditions. WHAT IT DOES: SpringSolution™ converts the sticky brown stuff (pollen) that collects on the springtime snow into slick controllable skiing wax.

SpringSolution™ Try our SpringSolution™ snowboard and ski wax today and take the JERK out of your skiing and boarding!! All of your buddies will be wondering why they get stuck in the flats while you pass them by cruising smoothly.

SpringSolution™ ski and snowboard waxes were developed by first understanding what the brown substance was in the snow in the spring. Our mountain testing labs confirmed that it was "pollens" deposited by nature. We developed a springtime ski wax system to combat the pollen..

When "Spring is in the air...", use Hertel SpringSolution!™ YOU WILL BE GLAD
  • Approximately weighs 3/4 lbs (340 grams)