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Hertel 'Super HotSauce' Ski and Snowboard Wax (3/4 lbs) 340.2 grams This is all you need

All Temperature, All Mountain
Apply Hot or Cold !

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Super HotSauce Ski and Snowboard Wax: This package contains one, 3/4 pound brick of our famous all temperature ski wax. Apply hot or cold.

All Temperature Hertel Super HotSauce ski and snowboard wax is specially formulated to work in all snow and weather conditions. Stop using colored waxes immediately and start using a ski wax that works ALL THE TIME! Hertel waxes out-perform colored waxes, GUARANTEED. Other snowboard and ski waxes try to match paraffin hardness to temperature and moisture. Our research department has developed a new and totally unique wax formula that delivers unmatched riding. Super HotSauce has a unique microencapsulation formula with patented surfactants that work in all temperatures and weather conditions. No other snowboard or ski wax works like it. While skiing, you are basically cruising on a surface of water created by your skis riding against the snow. Super HotSauce wax works by changing the structure of that water you have created in order to give you extra speed, control and safety.

Hertel Super HotSauce ski and snowboard wax is designed for all types of skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels, temperatures and weather conditions. ONE wax for ALL conditions! Super HotSauce can be applied either hot or cold.

Non PTFE. Non Fluorocarbon. Biodegradable.

Try Hertel Super HotSauce ski and snowboard wax today and you'll never have to use colored waxes again!
  • Approximately weighs 3/4 lbs (340 grams)