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White Gold ski wax (1oz.)

White Gold, fastest ski wax on the planet, Bar None.

Our Price: $125.00

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New review received through email:

Hi Terry-

Wanted to report this to you. Feel free to post or forward if you like.

My son's a Nastar National Finalist and has been racing in the low 30's
all year (31 to 32 usually).

I ironed on Racing and crayoned on some White Gold before his run as you
suggested. No other changes were made. He ran 28's all day Sunday and
one 26.=20

I'm a believer! This stuff is unlike anything else out there. If it
can take 3 or 4 seconds off his best time, it's worth every penny. I'm
buying more for next season, and I want to get your waxing gadget too.

Thanks for such a great product!


Jonathan L. Husni, MBA

White Gold represesnts breakthrough technology and innovation in ski wax treatments. By combining the technology and innovation behind the HotSauce Line, the ski community today has in White Gold, the ultimate definition in ski wax for increased speed, control, safety, and performance.

White Gold enhances performance by interacting with the film of water created on the base of your skis through friction and weight. The net result is easier running skis, more control, additional safety, and more fun. Whether a beginner skier or a seasoned competitor, all Hertel formulas offer every skill level the edge to excel.

For the rewards received, White Gold is worth every penny. Because you can't put a price on premium performance. You can't change the way you skied last season, so forget it.

This is White Gold season.

  • White Gold ski wax was used successfully in the 1994 winter skiing Olympics and World Cup skiing races.
  • Hertel White Gold Ski Wax assisted the performers to win skiing events in Free Style skiing, Alpine ski racing and major Snowboarding events.
  • White Gold ski wax has been labeled "the fastest wax pushing skiing clock times up by four seconds to speeds never achieved before."
  • In speed racing Jeff Hamilton was clocked at 153 mph. Walt Nestell was clocked at 125 mph -- both used White Gold ski wax.
  • White Gold Ski Wax is for the general advanced-to-expert level consumer.
  • Worth its weight in Gold!