About Hertel Wax

President and CEO Terry Hertel founded Hertel & Company in 1972. Hertel's corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are based in Sunnyvale, California. Hertel pioneered the encapsulation of surfactant wetting agents and fluorocarbons in paraffin. This is important as these ingredients significantly increase the performance and safety of the skier / snowboarder. Important also as it allows for more FUN on the slopes!

Hertel holds patents for his surfactant ski wax, Liquid HotSauce Ski & Snowboard Wax, perfluoropolyetherdiol formula high performance Ski & Snowboard Wax, and the pollen rejection system products for the spring season. Hertel continues to re-engineer its wax systems to meet the evolving standards of the ski industry, exceeding the challenges of today's terrain.

History of Hertel

Hertel and company was started by Terry Hertel in 1972. The first invention patented and trademarked was the original HertelTM Hot WaxerTM. Terry went on to invent the first commercial Hot Waxers as well as the Friction Hot Ski Waxer. They are hot ski waxers, all patented and trademarked in the United States of America. In 1974 Hertel was incorporated in which time Terry Hertel retired from the computer industry. Terry was unable to find a ski wax to go with the Hot Waxer. A $3,000.00 contract was agreed upon between Terry and Dr. Timothy C. Donnelly at which time Tim introduced Terry to surfectants as an additive for the Famous Hot Sauce line of ski waxes. Terry continued his research, developing the extremely famous Racing FC 739 ski wax. As his development continued he invented the now famous Spring Solution ski wax. In 1991 terry patented and trademarked the famous fastest ski wax in the world, White Gold. This wax was consistently clocked at four full seconds faster than any ski wax times ever recorded. Hertel also invented an outstanding liquid Hot Sauce as well as skate and skateboard waxes.

On this site you can find and purchase all of the Hertel Ski Wax in four different configurations.

My quest was to not copy, emulate or duplicate any ski wax or ski hot waxers on the market. In 1972 there was no such product as a Hot Waxer. The clothing iron was the closest thing to it. I saw the need for major improvements. In ski wax all that was available was a range of colored ski waxes confusing to everyone and the major cause for people to not wax skis. These colors skiing waxes are still heavily power marketed by European companies that have not achieved all temperature capabilities and are far from it. Many of these colored waxes have caused ski and snowboard injuries when they fail for the user. Basically they cause the ski or snowboard to stick. They feel if they produce more wax colors they'll make more money, failing to realize that the more satisfied and safer the skier / snowboarder is, the more people will buy their wax. Hertel invented the all temperature, all mountain totally universal ski and snowboard wax. In 1986 Hertel introduced the first fluorocarbon ski wax that has had all sorts of attempts in duplication. One famous company actually modified Hertels press release for Racing FC 739 with the help of poor ethics of a tech magazine to tell the industry about a product they did not even have. This product is still misused today. This is one of the reason why the ski industry still has all the colored wax. I am proud to say to date nothing compares to Hertel brand ski wax. Our competition just does not know the real science exposed to you in our famous WAXFAX E-Book free at this site for download.

Why Hertel Waxes Work So Well

Hertel Ski Waxes "Improve Performance Where the Ski Meets the Slope." Some people look for speed, others want performance. Using the right HotSauce Wax daily is an essential way to improve both. Once the ski is in motion, you are applying pressure and exerting friction, melting the snow, and creating a fine layer of water between your ski base and the snow. Control and maneuverability in skiing is derived from altering the structure of this water. Hertel wax systems perform a special process using an encapsulation process; tiny bits of surface-active agents formulated into the waxes interact with water, decreasing surface tension and friction, plus increasing control. The wax breaks up the water (snow) resulting in easier running, better control, added safety, and more fun. When commanded to turn, skis slide with ease.

Hertel is the leader in reducing surface tension to improve wax penetration into the ski base. Successfully modifying liquid properties through dramatically reduced surface tension can result in improved wetting. Think of spilled gasoline spreading quickly on the ground, getting into every crack and crevice. This is intentionally designed as a wetting process that improves performance or when on the ground disburses. Hertel waxes are designed to be compatible with the ski base. They contain powdered polyethylene emulsion with a special water-activated micro encapsulation product. As you apply the wax, it actually wets itself into the ski. This process produces our Super HotSauce, White Gold, Racing FC739, and the liquid products. All waxes are ALL TEMPERATURE products. We have also created a new wax vehicle called 158 flex. This, along with surfactants and fluors, make our waxes extremely flexible with enhanced durability. Our wax system actually bonds to the base of skis and snowboards. No other wax will last as long as Hotsauce waxes. This will reduce the frequency in which you have to wax. Go have fun, Wax with Hotsauce today.

Thanks for shopping at Hertelskiwax.com. We know you have many choices in purchasing wax. We at Hertel pride ourselves in the invention and production of the only true All Temperature Ski/Snowboard Wax in the world.


HERTELTM AND COMPANY INC. ALL RIGHT RESERVED, for trademarks HertelTM, Hot WaxerTM, HotSauceTM, SBRTTM and WAXFAXTM. Hertel holds eighteen patent claims for the Hertel Original Hot Waxer. The claims are design and method. See info for more information. Hertel hold patents on the Hot Sauce all temperature line of ski and snowboard waxes. Hertelskiwax.com is copywritten by Hertel and company, inc.