Hertel Ski Wax Accident Avoidance Technology


What You Need to Know about Waxing and Accident Avoidance Technology

If you want to cut the risk of accidents or injuries and boost the FUN factor on the slopes, itís time to upgrade to the best wax in the industry: Hertel Ski Waxes, with Accident Avoidance Technology (ATT). Backed by Hertel Laboratoriesí 30 years of research and development, our waxes deal with the elements in snow like no other manufacturer.

With our high tech measuring devices, weíve proven that trying to ski or ride without any wax is extremely risky -- and reduces control by more than 50 percent. That makes you a danger and liability not only to yourself, but to others on the mountain, too.

Choosing the RIGHT wax makes a big difference. If youíve had a bad experience with the WRONG wax, you may be tempted to shy away from waxing altogether. Or you may think waxing is all about racing and speed and will make you go too fast. This is a MYTH -- the RIGHT wax product gives everyone better control.

Our testing shows that with no wax on the base, it takes on average 27 leg pounds to move the board. As you ride the resistance increases. Hertel waxes reduce the resistance down to 9 pounds on average, giving you the ability to control your equipment on demand. (Compare that to European waxes, which average 18 pounds resistance in tests.)

Hereís the science behind it: once the ski or board is in motion, you are applying pressure and exerting friction, melting the snow, and creating a fine layer of water between your ski or board base and the snow. When you change the structure of the water under the base, it requires less energy to control your equipment. Using an encapsulation process, tiny bits of surface-active agents formulated into Hertel waxes break up the water (snow), decreasing surface tension and friction. This is what we call Accident Avoidance Technology -- it enhances control, resulting in easier running, added safety and more fun. 

Hertel waxes are also safer to use, because they do not contain toxic substances like PTFE (the Europeansí fluorocarbon of choice). And donít be fooled by the rainbow of colors competitorsí tout for different temperatures and overlays -- the stuff has never worked -- itís all just marketing hype. The technology behind these products hasnít been updated since 1946!

Hertel, on the other hand, continues to re-engineer its wax systems to meet the evolving standards of the ski industry, exceeding the challenges of today's terrain. We pride ourselves on the invention and production of the only true All Temperature Ski/Snowboard Wax in the world. Hertel Wax may be second in the marketplace, but we are always number one  at the finish line.