All temperature ski and snowboard wax

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Since 1972, Hertel has been at the forefront of groundbreaking wax technology.

By using surfactants to change the surface tension of water under your ski/snowboard, Hertel has created the only true all temperature wax.

Put it on and always have the right wax for all conditions. Reduced fatigue allows for more fun.

Nobody wants to spend hours waxing and scraping, messing with different waxes.

One wax, for all temperatures - you just get it on your ski or board and forget about it.

Terry Hertel, Founder


Since all our waxes are all temperature, the way to choose between Super HotSauce and Racing 739 is pretty simple. For regular riding we recommend you try Super HotSauce. It’s biodegradable, slick, easy to apply and gives you more control over your skis/snowboard. Racing 739 is way faster and more expensive. However, it lasts up to seven days, so once you factor that in, cost performance is about the same as Super HotSauce (and you get to go faster!). If your friends are using brand x, get the HotSauce. If your friends are on the HotSauce, get the Racing! If it’s warm spring conditions with dirty snow, get some SpringSolution.