The History

Hertel and company was started by Terry Hertel in 1972 in Burlingame, California. The first invention patented and trademarked was the original Hertel Hot Waxer. Terry went on to invent the first commercial Hot Ski Waxers as well as the Friction Hot Ski Waxer.


Unable to find a ski wax to go with the Hot Waxer, Terry started working with Dr. Timothy C. Donnelly on designing a new wax. Dr. Donnelly introduced Terry to surfactants as an additive to paraffin wax and the famous Super Hotsauce all temperature wax was born in 1973. Terry continued his research, developing the first ever fluorocarbon ski wax, Racing FC 739 in 1986. That same year, thanks to extensive studies, he invented Spring Solution, a wax designed to repel pollen and dirt in the warmer spring temperatures. In 1991 Terry patented and trademarked the fastest ski wax in the world, White Gold. White Gold has been responsible for countless of gold medals at the Olympics and at World Cups for downhill skiing, speed skiing and snowboarding. In the 90’s the Burton snowboard team used White Gold to win many competitions as they dominated the scene.




Later on, Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley used White Gold at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics when he shook up the mogul world with his dinner roll air. Most recently, Terry removed the fluorocarbon component from the Racing FC 739 formula, and dropped ‘FC’ from the name. Racing 739 still delivers its trademark high performance, and is now completely biodegradable. Throughout the years, Hertel has been the official supplier to many organizations such as the United States Freestyle Ski Team, the National Ski Patrol and Ski Mechanic Workshops and Barfoot snowboards. Terry has been researching, refining and pushing what’s possible with ski & snowboard wax for over 46 years now, and is committed to making Hertel wax on your p-tex bases give you maximum performance from your equipment, and most of all, a great day on the slopes.