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Since 1972 Hertel has been at the forefront of groundbreaking wax technology. By using surfactants to change the surface tension of water under your ski/snowboard, Hertel has created the only true all temperature wax. Put it on and always have the right wax for the conditions.

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 Nobody wants to spend hours waxing and scraping, messing with different waxes. One wax, for all temperatures - you just get it on your board and forget about it. -Terry Hertel, Hertel wax founder, owner and innovator


There are many reasons to choose Hertel:


Scientifically the best

Surfactants are what make Hertel so good. It’s all in the science!



Hertel waxes are all temperature, so you don’t have to worry having the wrong temperature wax any more.


The only true All Temperature wax

Other companies do have ‘universal’ waxes, but they are a compromise blend of hard and soft waxes, which leave you with a mediocre ride. At Hertel we invented the all temperature wax, and it’s specially formulated with ground-breaking science to be the best, in all temperatures!


Environmentally friendly

Hertel waxes are oil and water soluble, and biodegradable. We choose to use recycled paper for all our boxes and not plastic. 


No base prep needed

Hertel waxes permeate the base of your ski/snowboard so well they don’t need base wax. Just wax once & go!


Save time & energy

After you iron on the wax, scrape straight away while it’s still warm - the wax job will be over quicker & with less effort.


Save money 

No need to buy both base wax & glide wax. No need to buy different colors.


Long lasting

Hertel Racing 739 & Spring Solution are specially formulated to last up to 7 days in ideal conditions. These are the longest lasting waxes in the world!


Protect your base

Hertel won’t stain your colored bases!



Hertel waxes have a low melting point (90 degrees C) so you have less chance of damaging your base with high temps on the iron. Good for beginners!


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The Leader in Waxing Innovations