What Hertel has accomplished for you

Hertel was started in 1972 and in 1973 invented the first all temperature wax. We also invented the first fluorocarbon wax in 1986.

- All our waxes use surfactants to change the shape of the water under the board. The wax is extremely effective and has a temperature range of -14C to +11C. -Our regular wax is called Super Hotsauce and is 100% biodegradable. Racing 739 is our high performance wax and it is not only faster, but lasts extremely long - up to 7 days! Spring Solution rounds out our trio of great waxes. As the name suggests, this is the go to for spring conditions. Spring Solution thrives in dirty & pollenated snow, and in high temperatures, up to 20C. -In the past, we have had many famous athletes use our wax to win Olympic & World Cup races, halfpipe events and even break speed skiing world records. Craig Kelly, Jeff Brushie and the rest of the Burton team used it to great success in the 90's for example.

Why would Hertel wax be perfect for Rhythm's customers?

- You'll be providing your customers with the only true all temperature wax, which will decrease the likelihood of their wax not matching the conditions. We hold the trademark for all temperature wax in the US, and other brands' "universal" waxes are just a mediocre blend of hard and soft waxes. Notice those brands all push their temperature-specific waxes as premium, and their universal wax is a cheaper option for the average skier/snowboarder? With Hertel, our all temperature wax is the premium formula, and we don't need a million different products to achieve the best performance. Our Super Hotsauce runs as fast as other LF formulas, and our Racing 739 runs as fast as other HF formulas. We don't need base prep waxes since our wax permeates the base in one go, and we don't require extra brushing - as long as the surfactants are in the base, the ski/board will run slick. Finally, we come to the question of whether holiday makers actually need such a premium wax - the answer is yes. Slow, sticky skis/snowboards will ruin a day, and actually lead to more accidents and injuries (ski patrol have the stats to prove this), while equipment running with Hertel wax will have improved performance. It takes less energy to move your skis/snowboard which translates to easier handling with increased control over your equipment - which equals a more enjoyable day on the slopes.


Extra tip I’m planning on using on Instagram: in spring, make sure to brush your base well after waxing to limit the effects of suction and to brush again after riding to limit dirt buildup.