Hertel Ski Wax

Cold Snap! Hardener 141g/5oz

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  • Add to Super HotSauce or Racing 739 for extreme cold conditions 
  • Durable & fast All Temperature wax
  • 5oz of Cold Snap! which can be broken down by hand into 1oz bars 
  • Biodegradable
  • All white so won't stain your base
  • Hot wax with iron 
This package contains one 5 oz bar of our Cold Snap! hardener. Cold Snap! is a hardener for ski and snowboard wax for when temperatures drop below 6F/-14C . Cold Snap! should be applied with an iron in equal amounts to the Hertel wax you are using.

Hold the bar of Cold Snap! together with a bar of Super HotSauce or Racing 739 and touch them to an iron at the same time. They will drip onto the base at the same rate. Follow normal waxing procedures to complete your wax application.