Hertel Ski Wax

Rub N Go - All Temperature Ski & Snowboard Wax 3 oz per.

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Introducing our revolutionary ECO 2.5 ounce wax, meticulously crafted and presented in a convenient cardboard container. Elevate your waxing experience with our uniquely designed Pushup, a compact marvel that fits seamlessly into your pocket, ensuring you're always ready to conquer the slopes with unparalleled ease.

This exceptional wax is not only versatile but also a testament to years of dedicated expertise. Whether you prefer to apply it hot or cold, our ECO wax delivers a consistent and reliable performance, giving you the confidence to tackle any terrain with finesse.  NO Cork needed, just Rub N Go.

Beyond its exceptional functionality, our product stands out in every aspect – from the thoughtfully designed packaging to the eye-catching logo that embodies the essence of adventure. We've perfected the art of waxing, ensuring that every glide down the hill is a seamless and exhilarating experience.

Join the ranks of those who appreciate the finer details and choose our ECO 3 ounce wax for a ride like no other. It's not just wax; it's a commitment to excellence, a passion for adventure, and a journey into the extraordinary.