Hertel Ski Wax

CreamofDaCrop™ 340g/12oz

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  • Faster & smoother than Super HotSauce
  • Limited quantities
  • durable & fast All Temperature wax
  • Brick size for the best value
  • biodegradable
  • All white so won't stain your base
  • Hot wax with iron or rub on cold
#CreamofDaCrop is a denser Super HotSauce only made in limited quantities. When we get to the end of a run of Super HotSauce, the pump cannot up pick up the extra thick & creamy residue and we pour this by hand. Think of this as a high end Super HotSauce.
Compared to regular #Super HotSauce,# CreamofDaCrop is faster and has a smoother glide. Great from 6° to 52°F/14°C to +11°C. Hall ass through the flats.

A customer favorite!