Hertel Ski Wax

WhiteGold Highest performing wax ever by four seconds. One 1 oz bar per customer.

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WhiteGold stands as Hertel's premier product, boasting a rich history of accolades from prestigious events such as the Olympics, World Cup Nastar, Freestyle competitions, and a variety of snowboarding events. The application process is straightforward - simply rub it from edge to edge and then iron it, ensuring you make the most of your investment. We affectionately refer to this technique as "OneCoat." By choosing Hertel, you're equipping yourself with everything you need to excel on the slopes.

Currently, the ingredient responsible for delivering that turbo boost is priced at $61.00 per one-ounce bar.

Contrary to traditional methods of waxing, scraping, waxing, and brushing, OneCoat simplifies the process. Just apply one coat, iron, mash, scrape, give it a high buff, and you're ready to hit the slopes and have fun.